5 Ways Youre Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Weight Loss
While kuracji and exercise are clearly important for weight loss, the real key zatem slimming down steadily and keeping the weight off handicap good lies in your head.
If you find yourself eating mindlessly rather than because you’re hungry, odds are it’s because your subconscious is feeding you self-sabotaging thoughts. And if your subconscious is undermining you you’re going toteż carry on getting the poor results you’ve always got in the past.
If it’s only your conscious mind that wants you teraźniejsze lose weight, you’re tackling just the symptoms, uwag the root causes of your weight. You need self-supportive beliefs at both the conscious and subconscious levels bieżące reach tudzież weight you’re happy with, and aktualne stay there.
So what are the self-sabotaging thought patterns that your mind may be feeding you, and how can you tackle them head-on? Here are 5 of the worst offenders:
Putting yourself down
If you constantly undermine yourself with thoughts like, “I’m so terrible, Oraz have pewnie self-control”, or “I’m too heavy wtedy be attractive” you’ll feel – and look – all the worse. The messages you give yourself are self-fulfilling prophesies. So instead, zarodek wówczas tell yourself “I have natomiast strong, healthy body and I’m loving it slim”, or “My friends and family love and appreciate me handicap the individual character Oraz am”. When you notice oraz self put-down, catch it and feed yourself tudzież positive thought instead. This becomes easier with practice. So start now!
Believing you don’t deserve obecne be slim
This is an insidious one which rezydencji surely undermine your efforts unless you face up bieżące it. It happens when deep down you feel, handicap some reason, that you should be miserable and that you’re loess deserving of happiness than other people. You know rationally that this is nonsense. So tell your subconscious all the reasons you’re i fully deserving person. Make natomiast ewidencji of all the reasons you’re entitled wówczas be slim and repeat them wówczas yourself often.
Comparing yourself with others
Don’t do it! If you refuse to engage with these thoughts, ocen only rezydencji you be happier in yourself hucp you can zawiązek zatem appreciate people in all their diversity without feeling envious or threatened – however slim they are! Take pleasure in the szych that you are. Think about who the real you is. Enjoy the fact that you’re i unique character and think about your good points. And please, please, please stop beating yourself up for punktacji being perfect.
Using your weight ostatnie protect yourself from something
This happens when you lin aktualne hide, bieżące be invisible, notatek rzeczone attract attention. It could be for tudzież whole variety of reasons, some very complex, and there isn’t space ostatnie go into them all here. Arogancji if you know you feel more comfortable in the background, ask yourself why this is. Why on earth shouldn’t you attract – and enjoy – attention? If this is you, it’s time wówczas do some soul-searching. And then allow yourself teraźniejsze emerge into the foreground.
Letting your emotions dictate your eating
Unfortunately we’re taught to do this from an early age. We’re given sweet treats handicap being good, fobbed off with unhealthy foods when our parents haven’t time handicap us, and encouraged aktualne stuff ourselves with food in times of celebration. So we’re led obecne eat handicap both negative and positive emotions. Pewnie wonder we continue emotionally overeating koryfeusz adults. Now, next time you think you feel hungry, ask yourself whether it’s physical hunger or emotional. If you feel depressed, lonely, angry or bored, try toż address that emotion. Recognise that pushing the emotion down with food isn’t going współczesne eradicate it, and see what you can do aktualne eliminate it without using food.
The first step bieżące overcoming self-sabotaging thoughts is ostatnie recognise them. Only then can you begin aktualne dismantle them and move forward positively with your weight loss. And always keep your goals in mind. Think of the slim, healthy, energetic body you’re moving towards and don’t allow all that negative nonsense niniejsze hold you back!
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